Who are 122MM?

Mark and Mike run 122 Music Management (122MM). Mark manages Sky Diving Penguins, and Mike manages Still Traffico.

Mark has been managing Sky Diving Penguins since July 2021. Sky Diving Penguins released their critically acclaimed debut LP at the end of 2021, with Bandcamp recognising it as ‘New & Notable’ and Louder Than War writing “We may have been waiting for Sky Diving Penguin’s debut for 30 years but it’s worth the wait”. 

Mike has been managing Still Traffico since September 2023, of whose debut single ‘Seagull’, LondonPeaky wrote, "“Still Traffico - A band to savour, not just pre-save”. 

122 Music Management also help a number of other acts who have joined as affiliates. We look forward to continuing to build on what we can offer affiliates in the near and distant future. For what it's worth, we only work with acts that we love; through our passion, fire and belief in their music, we believe that we can help the many talented grassroots musicians whose music we hear, 

Beyond this, Mike and Mark have built and developed strong ties with a number of key people working in the grassroots music scene in the UK and beyond. 

122 Music Management held their first promotional night in 2023 at the iconic Amersham Arms. There is more to come in 2024. 


Without you, this company doesn’t exist. We run this company for you, the musicians. 

That might sound like trite bollocks, but after spending the last few years listening to emerging artists, we know that there is plenty of talent out there. 

Alongside our core business of managing Sky Diving Penguins & Still Traffico, we want to help you reach a wider audience (please see Vision --->). 

Our business model will chime with the wider social and environmental challenges we face. For example, we recognise that many of us are less able to afford vinyl as prices and costs escalate. We will look at environmentally-friendly alternatives to promote what you create.  

Finally we will run a transparent business. Any funds that we accrue as a result of our projects will automatically go back into the business to fulfil yet more ambitious plans.  


So how will we do this?  

We held our first promotional event at The Amersham Arms in 2023; we hope to put on more live music events in the future. These promotional events will feature our acts where possible, but we will also seek out other talented artists to join us. To make things happen, we will not necessarily do things by the book.

Along with the artists we look after, we may ask you to take part in other events that we think will boost your visibility (e.g. the Independent Label Market), or to join us in the creation of something unique, for example.

First and foremost though, we listen. We listen to your music. If we like what we hear, we will add you to a playlist and happily promote anything that floats our boat. 

If you like what you read, please sign up to our website, and/or check out our links.

Letting Artists Be Artists

We look after....

Sky Diving Penguins play what might be described as indie pop or pysch pop. Influenced by the likes of The Beatles, Ween, Low, and Elliott Smith, their eponymous debut album has received critical acclaim from Rock 'n' Reel Magazine, Louder Than War and many other music sites.

Mancunian school friends Cam (lead vocals/guitar), Dan (lead guitar),and Connor (drums) formed Still Traffico in London in 2023, with London resident, Dan Arthur, on bass. 

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